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Windows midi/wav MCI Player 1.0
Windows midi/wav MCI Player
This is a Windows MCI Player for listening to .midi or .wav files.
Date added:27 Sep 2011

Tags: ActiveX, control, midi, wav, player, multimedia, music, freeware, free,

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Total downloads:126
Last week:2
Bio2MIDI 2.1 screenshot
Converts the text of a DNA or protein sequence to a standard MIDI file.
Date added:01 Oct 2011

Tags: MIDI, music, composing, software, free, trial, fractals, sequencer, algorithmic, dna, genetic, sonification, protein, data, MusicWonk, ArtWonk,

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Total downloads:211
Last week:4
MidiMeow 1.04 v1
MidiMeow is a midi to wav/mp3/ogg converter (need a sound card with midi output)
Date added:17 Sep 2011

Tags: Midi, converter, mp3, wav, ogg, vorbis, midi to wav, midi to mp3, midi to ogg, freeware,

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Total downloads:107
Last week:1
WinMaze - The best MidiMaze II clone ever! 1.90 screenshot
WinMaze - The best MidiMaze II clone ever!
WinMaze is a 3D online game where you control a smiley through an openGL 3D-maze
Date added:06 Sep 2011

Tags: MidiMaze, Action, WinMaze, Reflective, fast, shot, invisibility, colorlessness, face, smiley, markus, fritze, auto, answer,

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Total downloads:75
Last week:2
MIDI Display 1.0 screenshot
MIDI Display
The MIDI Display is a simple program consisting of 16 Virtual Keyboards.
Date added:20 Oct 2011

Tags: mid, display, compose, music,

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User Rating:
Total downloads:90
Last week:0
SVArTracker 1.22
Advanced music creation tool. Next generation of trackers.
Date added:06 Feb 2012

Tags: VST, VSTi, plug, MIDI, DirectX, tracker, module, music, composing, plugin, sound, scheme, wave, SVArTracker, loops,

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User Rating:
Total downloads:92
Last week:1
Notation Player 2.6.3 screenshot
Notation Player
See the notes as you listen to your favorite music.
Date added:03 Apr 2013

Tags: MIDI, MIDI file, MIDI player, convert MIDI, sheet music, notation, music, song,

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Total downloads:34
Last week:0
Jazz-Plugin (Mac OS X) 0.0
Jazz-Plugin (Mac OS X)
Add interactive music on your website!
Date added:18 Jan 2012

Tags: MIDI, music, plugin, browser, javascript,

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User Rating:
Total downloads:97
Last week:1
Proxima Controller 1.1 screenshot
Proxima Controller
Easy to use 5-octave keyboard controller for playing MIDI devices.
Date added:16 Dec 2012

Tags: midi, keyboard, controller, external, synthesizer, tone, generator, control, mouse,

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User Rating:
Total downloads:178
Last week:3
Softdiv Alarm Clock 3.5
Softdiv Alarm Clock
Alarm program which supports Mp3, Wav and Midi files.
Date added:28 Oct 2011

Tags: alarm clock, alarm, clock, time, reminder, digital clock, pc clock, download alarm clock, softdiv, softdiv alarm clock, stop watch, watch, mp3 clock, wav clock, midi clock, wake me clock,

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Total downloads:96
Last week:0

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